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Everywhere you look in Central Florida there are machine shops, there are 71 local machine shops listed in the yellow pages alone. You probably use some of them now.  So why should you try yet another machine shop?  

Because we are not just another machine shop!  We understand that when you receive nonconforming parts or receive a scheduled delivery late it can shut down your production or make you late delivering to your customers, thus costing you time, money and your reputation.  That is why we are adamant about our quality and our delivery dates.  We have developed a complete system for quality control, which includes:

         ISO9002 Compliance

         First Article Inspection

         Quality Control Manual

         In Process Inspection

         Material Tracking

         Final Inspection

         Certificate of Compliance (C of C)

         Spare Parts Inventory

         Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Although we are a small machine shop, our machinists have a combined 75+ years of machining experience and our equipment is updated as we continue to expand.  This gives us the advantages of a small shop - emergency service for quick turnaround, clear and consistent communication with our customers and tight control over each job - as well as the advantages you would usually only find in a large shop Ė complete quality control system, product design assistance and the flexibility to machine jobs from simple washer modifications to complex close tolerance manufacturing.

Donít just take our word for it, see what some our customers have to say: 


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